5 Cool Things to Do With Siri on the iPhone 13 Pro

The Siri App which is now native to the iPhone 13 Pro is one of the best and most intelligent apps on any Apple device, helping users to voice out more.

The Siri app is one great application that gives you the ability to get your phone to complete tasks for you by using the power of your voice. Unlike other traditional software that act simply based on voice recognition with certain keywords, Siri is intelligent enough to understand your complete speech and carry out your commands. Basically, there are several tasks Siri can help you with make it a reliable personal assistant. We have outlined below five cool things you can achieve by just talking to Siri on your iPhone 13 Pro.

Ask Siri to tell you what to Wear

Ask Siri the question “What should I wear?” and you will love the intelligent answers it will provide you. The app will find information on current weather conditions and tell you to wear warm clothing if temperatures are really cold. Alternatively, it can search for carnivals or shows around your location and advice you on the best kind of clothes for the events on show currently.

Tell Siri to initiate a phone call

If you do not want to stress your fingers at all, you can tell Siri to call a particular contact from your phone book. To show you how intelligent it is, Siri will ask you for the surname if it finds multiple contacts with the name you requested. With Siri, all options are adequately explored before a decision is made.

Ask Siri to remind you of Special dates

With Siri on your iPhone 13 Pro, you will never forget any date again. Your wife’s birthday, your daughter’s graduation dinner; name it. Just tell Siri to remind you of the particular event on the assigned date and Siri will ensure that you never forget by beeping you with alarms all through. What more can you ask for from a Personal Assistant?

Find your online friends using Siri

This is a very easy task as the app just leafs through your contacts and the corresponding social networks. It comes back with a listing of the friends that are online and the platform, be it Twitter, Facebook, mxit or even fring. With Siri, you can even chat with your online friends using your voice.

Monitor stock prices using Siri

If you a financially savvy guru who needs real time information on stock prices, then you can tell Siri to monitor your stock prices and alert you at certain thresholds. This way, you will be able to effect you buying and selling transactions with the speed of lighting, and outselling competitors when it matters most. Awesome! Siri can also help to secure your financial future.

There are a lot more things that you can do with Siri on the iPhone 13 Pro, as our list above only represents a tip of the iceberg. So, get you iPhone 13 Pro and enjoy the full benefits of having an intelligent electronic personal assistant at your beck and call.

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