Alexa Fun Commands You can Use this Christmas.

You can do fantastic things with Alexa-enabled gadgets, such as playing music, audiobooks, games, and more. A Christmas countdown, songs, and games are just a few of the intriguing things Alexa came up with this Christmas. You can employ a few Alexa skills this Christmas season.

  • Christmas countdown, ask facts about this festival

The first question that people ask Alexa is, “How many days until Christmas?” They will be able to take the enjoyable quiz with Alexa as she aids their countdown by responding with “Christmas kab hai.”

  • Christmas songs and carols

Christmas cannot be observed without bringing joy to others. Say, “Alexa, open Christmas kindness” to do this. Additionally, Alexa sings holiday tunes and carols. Ask Alexa to play Christmas music or carols to get started.

  • Christmas movies with fire TV

You can get a list of movies and TV shows to watch by just asking Alexa, “Alexa, suggest movies on Christmas.” You’ll appreciate Alexa’s metamorphosis.

  • Decorate the Christmas tree with smart lights

You will require a few Alexa-compatible smart plugs and lights. You can adorn your Christmas tree with conventional lights or intelligent lights, then couple the conventional bulb with an intelligent plug, or use intelligent bulbs straight away and pair them with Alexa. After adjusting everything, you must configure Alexa and set up a lighting schedule.

  • Send Christmas cards 

Alexa will assist you in sending digital Christmas cards if you are not available to print and ship cards.

  • Cook recipes with Alexa

With all these items, Alexa also aids you in preparing holiday cuisine. Say, “Alexa, give me Christmas recipes,” or “Alexa Mujhe Christmas recipe does.” It will assist you in overcoming your confusion. Additionally, Alexa helps you create a grocery list and set a timer for your cooking to guarantee everything goes according to plan.

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