Apple MacBook Air M2 at Rs 95,800: How To Get a Discount of Rs 24,100 On The Latest Apple Laptop

The entire world was awestruck when Apple debuted the new MacBook Air M2 earlier this year. It outperforms the MacBook Air M1 in terms of performance and features a unique, simple design that does away with the iconic wedge shape in favor of a chassis that is uniformly thick all around. Like its MacBook Pro 14″ and 16″ models, Apple has also reduced the bezels to deliver a more immersive 13.6″ display with the controversial notch.

With that stated, Apple raised the starting price of the MacBook Air M2 to INR 1,19,990, a price rise of about 30% from the MRP of the previous model of INR 92,900. Additionally, Apple raised the MacBook Air M1’s MRP from 92,900 to 99,900. People waiting to purchase the new MacBook Air M2 model were shocked by the sharp price increase.

Fortunately, Apple has launched a new educational promotion for students, making the MacBook Air M2 available for just 95,800. You did read that correctly. If you can get over the minor but inconsequential caveats, you’ll receive a big discount of 24,100.

Here Are the Steps You Need To Do To Buy Apple MacBook Air M2 For ₹95,800:

Step 1: First, create a student profile on the Apple India website by becoming UNiDAYS verified. If you are not enrolled in college, you can already get assistance and set up a student ID.

Step 2: Step 1 should have been simple, so add the MacBook Air M2 to your cart now. The sum owed at this time should be 1,09,900.

Step 3: With your student discount, Apple includes a free set of AirPods valued at $1,4100. As a result, your effective pricing for the MacBook Air M2 is currently 95,800. If you have decided not to own your brand-new AirPods, you can sell them to raise some cash.

Despite a few restrictions, the new Macbook Air M2 is an unbeatable offer because of this substantial reduction. Back-to-school discounts are also available for the iPad Air, iPad Pro, MacBook Air M1, MacBook Pro 13″, 14″, and 16″, and the M1 iMac.


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