Apple Mixed Reality (MR) Headset: See What’s Invisible to the Human Eye.

The much-awaited MR (mixed reality) headset suggests that it allows users to see invisible things. Using this headset users can see gas leaks and WIFI signals. It will use additional signals to enable this feature. Moreover, it will also allow musicians to see sound waves so they can tune their instruments. It is also possible to track heat patterns which help in detecting fires. This headset will also allow wearers to see inside cupboards by creating an Augmented reality.

A new patent application from the Cupertino tech giant reports that the Apple Mixed Reality handset allows its users, to view invisible things to the naked eye. It is also rumored that this headset will also help wearers in detecting gas leaks and WIFI signals so they can adjust the router’s placement.

Apple patent report also suggests that this MR will also help wearers in tracking the heat patterns to detect fires around to ensure safety. The headset uses an infrared sensor which will help them to detect fires going through walls. It is reported that this headset will create an overlay over the location of the AR view to display the invisible things.

It is also rumored that it will help musicians to visualize the sound waves so they can tune their instruments. It will work in a manner to overlay over the sine wave for the correct note. It will also allow wearers to see behind their closed cupboards in the same manner by creating the AR overlay. It will match the stored video from the time the user opens a cupboard with their AR technique.

According to recent reports, Apple can launch its MR headset in 2023. Apple is said to be working on three new headsets codenamed N301, N602, and N421. The first MR headset from the company will reportedly be called Apple Reality Pro, which is expected to be a competitor of Facebook’s upcoming AR-VR headset.

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