Google Announces new Unicode 15, Animated and Color-Changing emojis for Android and other Google Products.

Emojis are widely used. Emoji support has recently been enhanced by Google for Android operating systems because they have become an essential element of our daily communication. In a post on the official Google Developers blog, the firm revealed the addition of animated emojis, Unicode 15 emojis, color customizations, and more.

Unicode 15 emojis are coming to Android 

The business has first announced the addition of a new Unicode 15 emoji library, which will be rolled out to Android in December after being included in AOSP in the upcoming weeks. The list of new emojis also includes new colors for the heart and other symbols like ginger, donkey, moose, jellyfish, pea pod, left and right hands, shaking face, and wings.

Animated emotes are coming to Android

Additionally, Google is introducing animated emojis to Android. The business announced the arrival of the original dancer emoji via phone operator KDDI in the blog post. About 200 animated emoticons will be added by the firm, some of which are currently present in Google Messages.

Coloured Noto Emoji font

In addition to announcing the colorful version of its Noto Emoji font, the company has also introduced new Unicode 15 and Dancing emotes. For those who are unaware, Chrome and other Google products employ the open-source font known as Noto Emoji. The font formerly only supported monochrome emojis. But the business has now incorporated color support into it.

Changing color emojis for Chrome

Lastly, Google Chrome is now also supporting emojis with changing colors.

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