How to Find Out a Private Phone Number

It is possible to find out who is calling you even if they have a private number. And there are ways to block unwanted numbers from calling your phone.

Some callers pay extra to hide their number when they call people. They do so by either paying for a blocking service through their phone company or by punching in a code before they dial a number. You cannot find private numbers on a reverse phone search, although you can find their personal information once you know the number. Fortunately, even if they have a secret number, there are techniques to find out who is phoning you. In choosing which method to use, you must determine how persistent the problem is and how much you want to spend.

Dial a code back to cloaked numbers. If a caller cloaks his number by pressing the code “67” into the phone to make his number appear private, you can actually reverse this with the code “69.” This will automatically call back the cloaked number that just called you.

Block all anonymous calls. Call your phone company to block all unknown numbers from your phone. All anonymous callers will receive an automated message that prompts them to punch in their number so you can see who is calling. This may cost an additional fee from your phone company.

With this blocking service, your phone company will only let numbers through that have visible numbers. Callers simply will not get through to your phone unless you have a callback number in hand.

Look up personal information for the phone number that calls you. You may want the caller’s personal information even if you have his phone number. Once you have blocked anonymous numbers from getting through to your phone, you can do a basic phone number look-up to find out who is calling you. Look up the number by doing a simple reverse phone search online. The only information you need to do this is the phone number, including the area code.

Pay for an instant private number service. This will If you want to find out who is calling right away without blocking all private numbers you can pay for an instant unblocking service. These services are used by simply pushing the “ignore” or “reject” buttons on your phone when a private number is calling. Then the number is sent immediately to the service and the unscrambled number will now call you with transparency. The whole process is so rapid that the caller will not experience much delay before you answer the phone, if you choose to answer.

If you know which number is calling you, contact your phone company to have it blocked from calling your phone. Once you find out the number, you can prevent the repeated caller from ever getting through to your phone.

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