iPhone or iPod Touch?

With so much technology coming out, it is hard to know what to buy.

Which is better, the Apple iPhone or the iPod touch? Believe it or not, both devices are really the same. Anything you can do on your iPhone you can also do it on your iPod touch such as storing music, searching the web, e-mails, downloading apps, taking pictures, shooting videos, and so on.

One of very few differences between the two devices is that with the iPhone you can make phone calls. However, that does little to distiguish the iPhone from the iPod touch since the iPod touch has a built in microphone and with certain apps such as Skype or Textfree for instance, Your iPod touch can function as a phone.

With an iPhone you can connect to the internet on the go through 3G but with the iPod touch you can only connect to the internet via Wi-Fi. If there isn’t any Wi-Fi service where you are at then you can not connect to the internet with your iPod touch. No one really needs access to the internet 24/7.

Other than those differences you get the same features on both devices – for instance, any app you could dowload on iPhone you could also download it on your iPod touch.

You can still take take photos and shoot videos on both devices as well as talk to people live through the built-in webcam.

The devices have relatively similar battery lives with 40 hours of audio and 10 hours of video.

The iPhone and iPod touch are quite similar in appearance the only difference is that the iPod touch is a bit lighter and thinner than its predecessor. The devices only come in two colors: black or white.

The iPod touch and iPhone cost relativiely the same price at approximately $200 USD and up. The main difference is that in order to acquire an iPhone, you may be required to sign a monthly cell carrier contract.

Bottom line is that both devices are really the same and if you have an iPhone then you don’t need to buy an iPod touch. If you have an iPod touch then you may not need to buy an iPhone because you could use your iPod touch as a phone.

If you could afford to get both then go for it, but it is important to be a smart consumer and not buy every new thing that comes out on the market.

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