Monsoon-Proof Your Tech: Must-Have Waterproof Gadgets

Waterproof Technology: Now that monsoon season has started, we’re all concerned about our technology. Traveling while it is raining heavily and taking care of all of our electronics is difficult. We have compiled a list of various monsoon devices that will be helpful this rainy season, however, to prevent your gadgets from any harm or from having to keep replacing a damaged one. 

Power banks, smartwatches, phone safety covers, and GPS devices that can direct you to your destination without being caught in traffic are digital gear that can be combined if you experience a prolonged power outage. Look at that!

Waterproof Tech Gadgets: Recommendations

Check out these essential monsoon travel accessories to avoid any bother or expense while saving time and money. 

  • CrossBeats Ignite Cube HD Screen Smartwatch

Looking for the top waterproof and high-quality smartwatches? Both men and women can wear the Crossbeats Ignite smartwatch, which offers all the features you might want. 

These smartwatches can withstand water and have a battery life of up to 7 to 10 days after a full charge. 120 exercise modes are included with the CrossBeats smartwatch to aid in fitness maintenance. 

Price: Rs 1,399.

  • MI Power Bank 3i 20000mAh Lithium Polymer

Long power outages during the monsoon make it challenging to charge your devices, particularly when you’re on the go. However, you need not fear because we have you covered. Your issue will undoubtedly be resolved with a power bank. One of the greatest power banks in India is this MI power bank, which includes a 20000mAh Lithium polymer battery and 18w charging.

The brand-new, potent 3i power bank boasts 12 layers of sophisticated circuit protection and can be recharged using either a type-C connector or a micro-USB interface. 

Price: Rs 2,149. 

  • BOBO Universal Waterproof Pouch

Everybody worries that their phone will be destroyed and soaked in the monsoon season’s torrential rain. Use this Bobo watertight safety pouch for phones up to 7.0 inches in size.

It is ideal for shooting photos, movies, and reading emails because it has clear windows on the front and back. Additionally, these phone cases incorporate neck straps for easy carrying. 

Price: Rs 299.

  • 70mai Pro Plus+ A500S Dual Channel Car Dash Cam

Dash cams are an essential automotive technology device for daily use and the rainy season. The integrated advanced driver assistance systems offer the driver a high level of safety and security and send out warning signals in the event of danger.

This dual channel dash cam for autos has six F1.8, 1944 P HD lenses and a 140° wide-angle WDR feature that controls exposure. One of the greatest dash cams for cars in India is the 70mai App, which allows you to examine your driving route and speed once the vehicle has returned from the trip. 

Price: Rs 10,808. 

  • Noise Buds VS104 Truly Wireless Earbuds

Not only have earbuds made our lives easier, but they are also lightweight and simple to use. Experience sound from the 13mm speaker driver that always strikes the mark. Enjoy no audio lag while playing games daily, and 200 minutes of listening on a single charge. 

Price: Rs 1,299.

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