Smartwatch Users- 7 Amazing Features You Must Use

One of the most important portable technologies in recent years is the smartwatch. In India, the market has been growing by more than 100% annually. Moreover, all price ranges of timepieces are offered. As a result, smartwatches have gained popularity, but few people actually use them “properly.” Here are seven must-try elements that can be found in almost all smartwatches.

  1. Bluetooth calling: Users can take calls using the smartwatch

One of the most frequently common features on modern smartwatches is Bluetooth calling. Today, even cheap watches have integrated speakers and a microphone, allowing owners to answer calls directly from their wrists. The function can be useful when your hands are full, or you need to carry your phone around with you.

  1. Music control: Users can control music playback on the phone

Users of smartwatches can wirelessly control audio playback on their phones thanks to music control. For example, you can play, stop, go back or forward, and more.

  1. Camera control: Users can control the camera shutter of the phone

The camera control feature gives users the same power over music as over the phone’s shutter. Typically referred to as an automatic shutter. Users can take a group photo with this function by setting the camera on a stand and using the watch. In reality, some high-end smartwatches allow users to switch between lenses, zoom in on the image, and more.

  1. Find my phone

At some point in our lives, everyone has lost their phone. Using the Find My Phone feature, smartwatches can assist you in finding the phone inside your home. Unfortunately, not all smartwatches offer this function, which makes it somewhat exclusive. There are numerous benefits associated with this feature, though.

  1. Blood oxygen monitoring

Since Covid became popular, almost all wearables manufacturers have begun including oximeters. As a result, users can check their blood oxygen levels without using other equipment.

  1. Heart rate monitor

Today, almost all smartwatches include a heart rate sensor, much like the SpO2 monitor. The pulse rate is being monitored, and some devices even give the user a choice to be alerted if it dips too low or rises too high.

  1. Women’s health tracking

One of the less well-known features of smartwatches is the ability to monitor women’s health. However, the functionality is even present in low-cost smartwatches on the market. The function aims to track the menstrual period and other aspects of female health.

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