Tech Essentials for the Modern Student: 5 Surprising Back-to-School Gadgets

Some electronic purchases, like a new laptop or Chromebook, are no-brainers when preparing for a new school year. Other back-to-school items, though, are less evident. They could appear as just luxuries—items you acquire if you have money to burn.

But if you frequently zigzag across a college campus, don’t be so ready to dismiss gadget accessories. The correct equipment can help you maintain your sanity when you factor in social obligations, part-time employment, and other pressures.

  • Laptop Stand

Not only will a laptop stand free up desk space, but it will also make your setup more ergonomic. If you frequently sit studying or doing schoolwork for extended periods, your laptop screen should be set at a height that discourages hunching or poor posture. It also lessens the awkwardness of a dual-screen configuration using a different monitor. It’s nice that laptop stands are reasonably priced and that you can find a portable, ultra-compact model.

  • Bluetooth Keyboard

Cable clutter can be depressing if you’re confined to a small room you share with someone else. You can rapidly switch between a PC, tablet, and phone while streamlining your workspace with a Bluetooth keyboard that supports several devices. The Logitech MX Keys Mini is a nice, portable choice that can be used on the go. A heavier model with mechanical switches (like those from Keychron) is preferable for gaming and prolonged typing sessions.

  • Tablet

A dedicated tablet can serve as a second screen for your computer, a digital notepad for keeping track of class lectures, or a pleasant way to read textbooks, among other things. It’s an excellent addition to a PC, particularly if you own a desktop computer. The Apple iPad and Samsung’s competing Galaxy Tab S line are perennial favourites for multitasking. Still, if you want to focus heavily on notetaking while placing less strain on your eyes, you may choose a device like the Onyx Boox Note Air 2, which still runs Android but has an E-Ink screen.

  • External Hard Drive

Nowadays, almost everything is saved to cloud storage, but despite how archaic it may sound, maintaining a local backup might rescue you from disaster. You can unintentionally delete a file on your PC or in the cloud (or both if they sync with one another). You need a backup, and while you could utilize a cloud service designed for that purpose, an external hard drive is more affordable in the long run and always available, even if your internet connection is down. Even a 5TB drive is a worthwhile purchase.

  • HDMI Switcher

If you do it frequently enough, switching between a PC, streaming stick, gaming console(s), and other devices connected to your TV or PC monitor can get monotonous. Additionally, especially with inexpensive monitors, you typically only have a small number of HDMI connectors. These issues can be resolved using an HDMI switcher, which only uses one port on your display and typically changes between active devices automatically. A more affordable 1080p model works well if your equipment is outdated, but if you want to be future-proof, you might want to spend a bit more on a 4K model.

Final Words

These gadgets offer a blend of productivity, organization, and convenience, making your return to school more enjoyable and effective. As technology evolves, incorporating these innovative tools into your routine can give you an edge in your studies and help you make the most of your educational journey.

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