The Top Ten Power Saving Apps for Android

here are dozens of power saving apps available in the Android Market and other app download websites but just which apps are the best?

There are dozens of battery saving apps on the Android Market and many that you don’t need to pay for. You can easily find the following applications in the Android Market when you search for battery saving apps. They all share a four-star-or-higher rating and have been downloaded thousands of times from the Market and third party sites such as Yahoo’s Appolicious and Android Zoom. Depending on your needs, one of these apps may be the best to save power on your device. Here are the top 10 power saving applications for Android smartphones, in no particular order.


There is a free version called “Lite” as well as a paid version, complete version, JuiceDefender offers several levels of battery saving. These levels, known as profiles, disable or reduce usage from various apps and features — such as background data. You can choose a light battery saving profile or a heavy one if you wish to significantly increase battery life. The JuiceDefender widget for your home screen will allow you to quickly enable or disable the app and show you just how much power it’s helping you save. JuiceDefender is recommended by users and reviewers alike, including PC Mag.

Battery Dr. Saver

Battery Dr Saver is a free application that puts a variety of options on one screen. You can dim your phone’s screen to save power, for example, turn on airplane mode — which disables all radios and adjust the volume of the rings. Battery Dr Saver allows you to turn off WiFi, hotspots, mobile network connections and Bluetooth — all features that can drain your battery life even if you are not actively using them. Nearly 25,000 users have voted on this app in the Market, giving it almost a perfect 5-star score.

One Touch Battery Saver

While Android 2.3 includes a battery saving option that kicks in when your battery is low, you can install the One Touch Battery Saver to instantly save power by turning of features that drain the battery. The simple colored icon turns yellow, from green, when your phone is saving battery with a single tap. Unlike some apps, you can choose the appearance of your widget and battery icon. Ease of use and customization have earned this app its popularity in the Android Market.

Green Power

Green Power is one of the most popular Market apps for battery saving because aims to be minimally intrusive. This app automatically turns on such features as Bluetooth or WiFi when it detects apps or activities that require these functions. The free and premium versions both have a widget that allows you to instantly stop or activate the program. Green Power includes a night mode, for when you are not using the phone, as well as an airplane mode that turns off all radios.

2x Battery – Battery Saver

Unlike some battery saving applications, 2x Battery – Battery Saver tries to turn off background data in a smart way when it thinks it’s safe to do so. Thus, if you were streaming music on your phone and it went into stand-by mode, the app will continue to allow you to stream. Apps such as JuiceDefender do not allow this by default. 2x Battery – Battery Saver still saves power on your phone by turning off background data but only after it ascertains that you are not using the connection.

Power Control Plus

Power Control Plus goes beyond the basic functionality of the Power Control widget. You can enable or disable a variety of functions, including WiFi and Bluetooth, from your home screen. This app allows you to choose from vertical and horizontal widgets of various sizes to better fit on your home screen. For can purchase this widget for under $2.

Super Tool Box-cache battery

This is one of several “Swiss Army Knife” apps, so-called because of their multiple functions. Super Tool Box-cache battery enables quick access to settings that can preserve battery life and provides other functions as well. For example, you can install or uninstall applications with this app as well as move applicable app files from your phone to SD card to save space.

Optimize ToolBox

Another, multiple function app, Optimize ToolBox will show you your current power status and estimated battery life for different activities on your Android phone. Among its fifteen functions includes the ability to choose one of six power saving modes that limit draining activities based on your needs. Furthermore, you can categorize apps with Optimize ToolBox for ease of access or clear your phone’s cache.

Android Battery Doctor

Boost your phone’s power twice with Android Battery Doctor and you will have to charge your phone less frequently. Turn on or off Bluetooth and load the app’s “Security Audit” section to view applications that require separate permissions on your phone. Android Battery Doctor has a four-star rating in the Android Market and is available for free.

Battery Booster

More than 11,000 users have rated the aptly named Battery Booster app in the Market. Ads support the free version, and you may pay roughly $1 to obtain the ad-free version. The app includes a stylish home-screen widget for toggling settings to reduce power usage. You can view the health, temperature and other information about your battery from within the app.

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