Top 5 Must-Have Gadgets, Priced Under Rs 3,000

Consumer gadgets are no longer solely offered in the shape of that pocket-friendly rectangular slab. Smartphones are the main draw this holiday season, but wearables, earphones, power banks, intelligent lights, and other products are also getting attention.

You should add a few products to your shopping list even if you have a limited budget. Given that you have at least Rs. 3,000 to spend; here are the top five products you must own.

  1. Realme Band 2: Rs 2,699

This new entry-level wearable from Realme is nearly a deal at Rs 2,699. It is only a TFT LCD, but despite that, it has a huge 1.5-inch display, a maximum brightness of 500 nits, and 90 programmed sports modes.

The smart band is also 5ATM water-resistant. In addition, the Realme Band 2 has replaceable universal 18mm straps and can operate for about 12 days on a single charge.

  1. OnePlus Buds Z: Rs 2,999

Audiophiles will spend a lot of money on a TWS with the best drivers, ANC, and other features, but casual listeners can choose something that sounds reasonably priced.

Here is a fantastic performance-to-price ratio of the 2,999 OnePlus Buds Z (review). The OnePlus Buds Z are the TWS to beat on the market because of their approximately 20 hours of battery life, a sound signature created for mass appeal, IP55 certification, and solid build quality.

  1. Neutron PD33W Stuffcool: Rs 2,299

Everyone followed Apple’s lead and stopped including headphone jacks in their phones. So, the company no longer includes a smartphone charger, and other manufacturers are doing the same.

Samsung, for instance, no longer provides a charger for its high-end smartphones. Your problems can, however, be resolved using Stuffcool’s Neutron PD33W charger.

It costs Rs 2,299, is nearly half the size of Apple’s 30W charger, has USB A and USB C outputs, and can deliver 30W of fast charging to your laptop or smartphone.

  1. Echo Flex: Rs 2,999

Smart speakers are swiftly gaining popularity in Indian homes, enabling voice control of everything from the music playing inside to the lights in your room. However, installing an Amazon Echo device in every room of your house could be difficult and expensive. However, the Echo Flex has a fair price. To connect with your Alexa-enabled smart home devices and control them with voice commands, plug the Echo Flex into any accessible wall outlet.

It can transmit music to Bluetooth or AUX-input-enabled speakers and features a USB-C output for charging phone gadgets.

  1. Philips Wiz Smart WiFi B22 Smart Bulb: Rs 969

You can think of a “smart” tag attached to something as basic as a bulb as a blessing or a curse. For instance, the Philips Wiz Smart WiFi B22 Smart Bulb costs Rs 969.

You may select from over 16 million possible color combinations through the Philips Hue app. The app’s user interface is straightforward, and connection establishment happens rapidly. You can control the lamp with Alexa if you have an Amazon Echo device nearby that is connected to the same WiFi network.

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