Top 5 Smart Health Gadgets to Own to Stay Fit and Healthy

The following health-related gadgets, from a smart painkiller to a medical device that tracks vital signs, can be used alone or with your smartphone to help you stay healthy, make your travels safer, or motivate you to start and maintain healthier habits. These cutting-edge gadgets have the potential to enhance your life. Some assist people manage chronic ailments, while others are created exclusively for medical professionals. The importance of health is rising. A general effort to increase fitness and health is more important than just doing a few things to keep healthy. Here we have listed the top five health gadgets you should have.

  1. Sanitizing Travel Wand

The UV-C light radiated by the Monos CleanPod UVC Sterilizer destroys up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses often found on surfaces we come into contact with daily by destroying their genomes.

This chic hand-held sanitizing travel wand fits effortlessly in your handbag or backpack when you’re on the go. The device only needs to be swept across a surface for 30 seconds before it is germ-free and safe to touch.

Price: From Rs. 1500

2. Metabolism Tracker

The first portable device in the world to accurately analyze your metabolism is Lumen. This medically approved, Bluetooth-enabled wellness device measures CO2 in your breath to determine if your body uses carbohydrates or fats as fuel. It also features a CO2 sensor and flow meter. Then, depending on your body’s needs, it provides personalized nutrition advice and daily coaching on sleep, exercise, and other topics.

Price: Rs. 26000

3. Portable Air Purifier

You can clean your air using this little air purifier, which has been demonstrated to remove up to 99 percent of ultra-fine dust particles. Portable Air Purifier is as compact as it is effective, with a battery life of up to 8 hours. It provides everything from LG’s PuriCare technology in a transportable container you can bring when driving, working or going about your daily activities. Its intelligent LED display uses four colors to show the air quality in real-time, and Bluetooth control makes condition and performance monitoring easier. One of the top smart health devices is this one.

Price: From Rs. 1000

4. Brain Sensing Band

Electroencephalography (EEG) sensors in the Muse S monitor your brain activity as you sleep and meditate and transmit the information to your PC, smartphone, or tablet via Bluetooth. But unlike its predecessors, this device focuses solely on tracking your sleep, so you’ll learn how long you spend in each stage and position of sleep, your heart rate throughout the night, and the depth of your sleep. Additionally, it is made of stretchy, breathable fabric for a comfortable night’s sleep.

Price: From Rs. 30,000

5. Blood Pressure Monitor

When it comes to blood pressure monitoring, BPM Core is the most stylish option. With its integrated digital stethoscope, the little 3-in-1 health device, which combines cutting-edge technology with an appealing, straightforward design, can also record a medical-grade ECG and detect valvular heart disease.

Price: From Rs. 1200


When it comes to eating healthy meals, drinking lots of water, being active, and getting eight hours of sleep, leading a healthy lifestyle can occasionally be challenging. However, making healthy decisions and developing good habits is now simpler than ever, thanks to wellness devices. Whether you want to increase your water intake, delay the consequences of aging, or ease everyday muscular aches, there is a device or accessory to help you on your way. Everything concerning health gadgets is covered here.


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