Top 5 Smart Travel Gadgets make your Journey Best

Traveling soothers the soul as long as everything goes smoothly. Gadgets like a camera with attachments, a charger, and a USB charger add convenience and entertainment. Here are a few essential travel items, whether flying, taking the train, or driving. They are a necessity both inside and outside of India. But, of course, you should always turn to Croma, a one-stop shop for consumer electronics and durables for all your travel accessories. Since packing efficiently means carrying what you need, we have chosen compact, strong, and functional accessories.

Top 5 Smart Travel Gadgets make your Journey Best

  1. Croma Selfie Stick with Tripod

What would a vacation be without photos? Croma’s selfie stick with a tripod would be a dependable tool for taking excellent images. Its features are astounding, particularly given how easily it may be expanded. When the selfie stick is expanded, you can take panoramic and wide-angle photos or shorten it for up-close photographs.

From 5.5 cm to 9 cm, it works with all iOS and Android smartphones. We selected it since it is small, light, and convenient to fold and stow in your travel bags. It has Bluetooth connectivity and a 3,000g load capacity. A one-month warranty is included.

Price: Rs 1,599 (inclusive of all taxes)

  1. Croma Adjustable 134 cm Tripod for Cameras

The Croma Adjustable 134 cm Tripod for Camera is a fantastic item if you’re looking for a reliable tripod that will enable you to take excellent images. It is portable and appropriate for cameras and mobile devices. The greatest product on the market has a 4-section multi-function feature and a universal screw mount for digital cameras. We also mention that it is adjustable and has a 12-month warranty.

Price: Rs 1,999 (inclusive of all taxes)

  1. Croma 1 Amp Universal Adapter

We must emphasize more how important a universal adaptor is while traveling to other countries. This small device makes charging your laptop or mobile device easier, especially when waiting in airports. Think about the Amp Universal Adapter from Croma, which has a single USB connector and is great for charging laptops and smartphones.

It has an input voltage range of 100 to 250 volts, which aids in delivering power to your USB-compatible devices. It includes an LED indication that aids in displaying how much power is still in the system. Traveling will be hassle-free with this one item, which can go into your pocket.

Price: Rs 499 (inclusive of all taxes)

  1. Croma Car Charging Adapter 38 Watts 2 USB Ports 

The 38 Watts 2 USB Ports Car Charging Adapter from Croma is perfect for charging smartphones, tablets, eReaders, smart watches, fitness bands, and wireless earphones. The hassle of carrying multiple chargers is no longer necessary, so you can take as many electronics as you wish.

You have 38W of total power and a charging efficiency that is three times higher than normal chargers with Quick Charge (QC) and Power Delivery (PD) technology. There is a 12-month warranty included.

Cost: Rs 499 (inclusive of all taxes)

  1. Croma Car Charging Adapter 12 Watts 2 USB Ports

With Croma’s 12 Watts 2 USB Ports Car Charging Adapter, you can be sure to stay connected. Because it is made of plastic, this charger securely fits into the cigarette lighter plug and offers constant power while traveling.

Due to its dual-port USB, you can charge two devices simultaneously, and it works with smartphones, smartwatches, and TWS. It has a 12W maximum output in total. Built-in safeguards prevent overcharging, excessive current, and overheating. Even though it is among the smallest USB car chargers, it is quick, small, and light.

Price: Rs 199

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