Top 5 Smart-watches to Track Your Health

Smartwatches have gained popularity recently, especially among fitness enthusiasts who frequently can’t live without them. These smart wearables have become important to healthcare goals, ranging from all-day health tracking and fitness to monitoring daily stress, which frequently comes with guided breathing exercises. So, in this article, we examine the five best smartwatches to help you monitor your health in honor of World Health Day, which is observed annually on April 7.

  1. Apple Watch Series 6

The Apple Watch Series 6 is one of the most technologically advanced smartwatches available, having a Blood Oxygen sensor and an app to track blood oxygen levels. In addition, an always-on altimeter, an ECG app that may identify abnormal cardiac rhythms, and a heart rate monitor that can measure variations in heart rate are all included with the watch. In addition, the Series 6 boasts new workout modes, automated handwash detection, and sleep-tracking functions. Additionally, it offers breathing exercise software called Breathe that users can use.

Price: Starts from ₹40,900.

  1. Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

A BioActive Sensor is a special feature of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 that can measure ECG, blood pressure, and body composition factors like body fat percentage, skeletal muscle, and body water. In addition, you may use the watch to track your steps, monitor your caloric intake, and use GPS to stay on the grid. To offer an accurate report of your physical activity, it supports more than 90 workouts. In addition, it can gauge how well your body works out and monitor your heart rate while you recuperate. Advanced index and interval training can give cyclists and runners a wealth of knowledge. In addition, the watch has a sleep coaching feature and a sleep tracker to identify and assess different sleep stages.

Price: Starts from ₹16,999.

  1. Fitbit Versa 3

Several functions on the Fitbit Versa 3 allow you to monitor your fitness and health. Its Daily Readiness Score feature lets you know whether your body is prepared for a demanding workout or whether you should concentrate on recovery. While sleeping, it monitors your heart rate and alerts you if it notices any irregularities or symptoms of atrial fibrillation. The battery can be charged for the day in just 12 minutes, lasting more than six days. This watch includes tracking menstruation health and SpO2 and heart rate monitoring. The tool’s stress management score function explains how your body responds to stress daily.

Price: Starts from ₹18,899.

  1. Playfit Slim

With a 1.28-inch round full-touch IPS LCD screen, IP67 water and sweat resistance, 24 activity modes, a heart rate and fitness tracker, Bluetooth notification, sleep and SPO2 monitor, and more, the Playfit Slim is a cost-effective wristwatch. The 180mAh battery has a 7-day life warranty and a 15-day standby time guarantee. A 24-hour health monitor and nightly sleep tracking are two features of its sophisticated health monitoring.

Price: Starts from ₹2,999.

  1. Amazfit GTS 2

A stylish smartwatch with a 3D-curved Bezel-less design is the Amazfit GTS 2. It has Amazon Alexa built-in, music storage, and playback capabilities. In addition, it boasts an accurate biological tracking optimum sensor that guarantees complete health protection. The PAI health system uses an algorithm to determine your heart rate, amount of exercise, and other health data and gives a personalized health evaluation. Sleep tracking, stress monitoring, oxygen tracking, fitness tracking, and coaching are among its many functions. In addition, it boasts an automatic lock feature and a seven-day average battery life.

Price: Starts from ₹12,999.

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