Mac Or PC: Which laptop Will You Choose?

The Facts and Figures Regarding Apple and Microsoft Notebooks

When you are buying a new computer cyberspace is filled with biases that make your choice even more difficult, in light of this, it is important to be fully informed.

With Windows 7 and Snow Leopard recently launched, the debate has been reignited on the computer front. Microsoft users boast a newly renovated operating system that dwarfs Windows Vista. Macintosh patrons are equally as excited about OS X Snow Leopard. So let’s begin with a scenario: It’s time to buy your new laptop.

You know you want something convenient, easy to use, and powerful enough to meet your need, but the question that everyone must face when purchasing a new notebook comes into play: Mac or PC? Whether it’s for school or work, each machine has its individual advantages and disadvantages, which means that what might be right for you could just as easily be unusable for another person. If you are looking for comparisons, specifications, prices, trends, and data, then this article is for you.

There’s no doubt that you have seen the commercials, and you know that there are Mac people and PC people. It’s time that we boil down the various differences between the two most popular computer manufacturers.

What Do MAC’s Have To Offer?

  • According to most studies, over 20% of all the personal computers in use today are Macs.
  • With the majority of MP3 player users owning iPods, Apple has been able to dominate certain markets to continue making money during the economic downturn and funnel the funds towards research for new technology.
  • Apple computer users cite user friendliness and speed as primary reasons for making their selections.
  • Since Macs are not so popular as compared to PCs, there are fewer viruses written to target Macs.
  • Compared to PC’s, Macintosh computers are built with more compatibility for foreign (PC Generated) files.
  • Prices on Apple Computers tend to be slightly higher than similarly-powered PC models.

What Do PC’s Have To Offer?

  • Microsoft Personal Computers are generally considered to be less expensive than Apple computers.
  • More competition gives the user a variety of choices because many companies build PC’s including manufacturers like IBM, Dell, Compaq, Acer, etc.
  • More companies rely on PCs for large file sharing and major networking due to more flexibility in this area.
  • Windows based laptops are more widely used that Macintosh- and still preferred by most people.
  • More software is available for Microsoft computers because it is a more popular system.

Each notebook will have its own benefits and hinderances and there will always be wars between those who favor one or the other, but now that you are educated on the major differences, it will be easier to make an informed decision when you choose your PC!

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