10 Keyboards That Type Like They’re From The Future

The old-fashioned keyboard that has accompanied us in our digital world is in dire need of an innovative transformation. The basic functionality is there, but new features are making it seem like science fiction. Watch out for 10 keyboards that will change the way we type!

1. Optimus Maximus (Avg. Price: (from $350)): This innovation is a modular approach that lets you design the keyboard according to your needs. Customize the perfect layout _x0016_ split, ergonomic, or anything in-between. Replace the switches depending on your preferences (tactile, clicky, silent). The Optimus Maximus also has an e-ink display to show macros or system info, making it the ultimate productivity keyboard.

2. Woom Wrinkly (Avg. Price: ($200)): Tired of the Flat Keyboard Norm? The Wrinkly is a versatile wonder made from spill-proof, heat-resistant material. Picture typing on a small, flexible, portable surface that rolls up when not in use. Don_x0012_t worry _x0016_ the Wrinkly comes with synchronized LED lights built into its fabric.

3. Logitech Keyscape (Avg. Price: ($150)): The Keyscape is the epitome of simplicity as it projects a holographic keyboard on the desk. Type on a virtual surface and feel the haptic experience as if you are typing on a real keyboard. It is ideal for the minimalist or simply a person who desires a one-of-a-kind keyboard.

4. IOgear K770 Biometric (Avg. Price: ($220)): Finally, saying no to password fatigue. The K770 Biometric comes with an integrated fingerprint reader for maximum security and privacy. A simple tap provides automatic logins to keep your data secure. And for maximum comfort, it also has a palm rest that can change temperature to keep your hands cool when typing for long hours.

5. Razer Huntsman Tournament Edition (Avg. Price: ($280)): The Huntsman Tournament Edition is a powerful weapon for gamers. This keyboard is equipped with Razer_x0012_s optical switches and has an almost unbelievable polling rate of 1000 Hz. With competitive gaming being time-sensitive, the Huntsman gives you an edge.

6. ErgoDox EZ (Avg. Price: ($300)): This is the best keyboard for those who are more focused on comfort. It has a customizable tenting angle and individual key programmability that enables you to find the optimal typing position to avoid wrist strain for long hours.

7. Microsoft Surface Ergonomic Keyboard (Avg. Price: ($120)): The Surface Ergonomic Keyboard is another slightly more realistic vision of the future. The wave design helps to maintain natural wrist alignment, and therefore reduces strain on the wrists and improves posture. Also, the feel of the Alcantara fabric beneath your fingers makes typing a pleasure.

8. TypeMatrix 2024 (Avg. Price: ($250)): Legendary Click Comes to the 21st Century with Modern Connectivity: The TypeMatrix 2024 – The Model M Revisited. This is made of rock-solid construction and modernized with features like USB connectivity to produce the vintage appeal that enthusiasts desire. The sound of those crisp clicks is enough to give any typist chills.

9. Das Keyboard Prime 13 (Avg. Price: $180): Simple and Functional: The Prime 13 is an embodiment of all things simple and functional. This keyboard does away with legends on the keys and uses laser etchings on the surface of the keys to provide a more suited typing environment. It_x0012_s ideal for the users who don_x0012_t want to be distracted by design, instead focusing on the text they are typing.

10. ROCCAT Vulcan Pro Optical (Avg. Price: ($240)): The Vulcan Pro is another gaming option that offers gamers the ROCCAT Titan Switch Optical for increased speed and responsiveness. No more searching for a line that was accidentally deleted in the heat of battle. It also features per-key RGB lighting for matching the setup and a detachable wrist rest for comfort during long gaming sessions.

These futuristic keyboards represent innovation, customization, and a focus on user experience. Whether you are a gamer, a writer, or just someone who loves new experiences from the world of typing, keyboards are the way to go. Consider these additional factors when making your choice:

Connectivity: Are you a person who wants the lowest latency at the expense of a wired connection to a clutter-free desk or would you like a wireless connection?

Typing Style: Are you the kind of person that enjoys the rewarding noise of a mechanical board or the elegance of a low-profile keyboard?

Aesthetics: Do you want a keyboard that works well with your overall minimalist design aesthetic or a keyboard that includes such flashy features as RGB lighting to match your gaming rig?

The future of keyboards looks very bright, and there is something to choose from for everyone. Therefore, throw away the old used keyboards and get a new keyboard that is as powerful and stylish as you are.

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