Cool Free Apps for Your iPod Touch

The Apple® iPod Touch is crushing other PDA and MP3 players. While great for music and pictures, iPod Touch has hundreds of other apps, many that are free!

Most people who don’t own an iPod Touch might think it is just a high-tech method to transport and listen to songs or share pictures. But iPod Touch users know it is more like owning a mini computer. The iTouch can be used to access the internet, read and send email messages, store contact information, check on the stock market or weather forecast and even for driving directions. In addition to the ones previously mentioned, here are six free iPod Touch apps that are definitely worth a free download!

The iPod Touch as a Flashlight

Anyone who has gotten caught in the dark without a flashlight will appreciate this free app by iHandy, which turns the face of an iPod Touch into a flashlight! iTouch users have choices that might be handy in an emergency, such as a steady, bright white beam, a strobe light, an S.O.S or red and blue flashing emergency signal, or a solid red motion signal. Three fun lights are free: Spiral, glowstick and neon. Additional light options can be downloaded at a small cost.

Connect to Facebook via an iPod Touch

It’s easy for social butterflies to stay in touch with their friends via their iPod Touch, and social networking apps for Facebook, Twitter or LindedIn are all free.

The free Facebook app allows iPod Touch users to update their status and check in on their friends’ activities and messages. They can even sleuth a bit and uncover the places their friends visited recently through “places” on the Facebook touchscreen!

White Noise Lite, by TMSoft

White Noise Lite is a brilliant app for people who have trouble falling to sleep, because it offers a selection of calming sounds designed to lull them into lala land. Insomniacs can choose from ten free sounds such as beach waves crashing, thunder storm, extreme rain pouring, crickets chirping, a ticking grandfather clock or an oscillating fan. More white noises are available at an additional cost. The app allows users to set a timer for the white noise to fade out, hopefully after the sandman has visited.

Pseudo Phone Apps on the iPod Touch

The Apple® iPod Touch allows the “i” generation to stay connected via their iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad through various apps. The Facetime app uses any available Wi-Fi connection, allowing its users to visually and verbally contact their friends without a phone service. Heytell® turns an iPod into a method of sending one-sided voice messages, kind of like a high-tech walkie talkie. “Over and Out” might make a comeback with this new app! Watch the demo.

Find My iPhone app by Apple®

iPhones and the iPod Touch are not cheap, and the “Find My iPhone” app provides a way to track these valuable gadgets via GPS signal, if lost. To find their iTouch, owners can sign into their Apple account online, or by using another iOS device, to map the location of their iPod Touch. They can then display a message on its screen or play an alert sound, and even lock the device. Great for absent-minded professors and teens, or in the case of theft.

Check Someone’s Background via an iPod Touch

A single lady might love the iPod Touch “Background Check” app to make sure that the new guy she just met doesn’t have something shady in his background. The download is free, along with one search per month. However, if she meets two new questionable guys in the same month, she’ll have to pay to check up on her second suitor. Timing is everything!

Turn an iPod Touch into an iHandy Level

Amateur do-it-yourselfers will never have an excuse for hanging a picture crooked after downloading the iHandy Level app on their iPod Touch. Whether held vertically or horizontally, an iTouch becomes a level, complete with a slope calculating bubble! Brilliantly simple. The entire iHandy Carpenter toolbox can be downloaded for a modest additional fee.

There are many fantastic free applications for the iPod Touch. So, after the purchase of an iPod Touch, users will enjoy spending a few weeks just exploring what it can do, and investigating new apps for it. The developers of the free apps are crafty, however, because they are hoping that their free apps will entice new iTouch users to try their other apps that do have a fee. And, while many apps are priced reasonably, it’s wise to read user reviews prior to making any purchase of a new iPod Touch app.

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