Leaked Apple iPhone 14

Apple’s annual iPhone launch is the most important date on the company’s calendar. The upcoming generation of the iPhone will most likely be launched in September. While Apple has not confirmed the official iphone 14 release date of the upcoming iPhone, a new leak claims to reveal the iPhone 14,iphone 14 pro max,iphone 14 pro official launch, pre-order, and sale dates. As a result, many users are eager to learn about what is new on this mobile. This article will go over all of the new features that this Phone will have.

Here are the most reliable hints we have about the iphone 14,iphone 14 pro max,iphone 14 pro max release date, features and specifications.

  • ProMotion Screens

LG is said to be producing LPTO OLED displays capable of 120Hz for the entire iPhone line with the iPhone 14. So, it may be possible that the entire iPhone 14 line could feature 120Hz ProMotion technology.

  • Camera Upgrades

The iPhone 14’s camera will reportedly undergo significant changes. According to Kuo, Apple is considering a 48MP sensor for the standard wide camera, which would combine the light collection of the pixels in a 22 grid when in low-light conditions (producing a 12MP photo). The camera, at least on the Pro models, is said to be capable of shooting 8K video. Kuo also claims that the front camera will get autofocus and a wider aperture (f/1.9 rather than f/2.2).

  • New A16 Processor

Every new launched iPhone has a new A-series system-on-chip (SoC), and we expect to do the same. The A16 could be one of the first large-scale processor releases to use TSMC’s 3-nanometer manufacturing process, which should help improve iPhone 14 performance, efficiency, and battery life.

  • Improved Battery Life

In terms of battery performance, will benefit from advancements in 5G technology. Apple can fit a larger battery into the chassis because the latest 5G components are smaller and more energy efficient than those used in previous generations of iPhones.

  • Up to 2TB of storage

Apple not only broken the terabyte barrier, but optimistic rumormongers believe Apple will surpass the iPhone 13 milestone and double up to 2TB in 2022.

  • mmWave 5G

Apple will use components to improve 5G connectivity, with the newly updated X65 expected to appear in the phone. This is intriguing because it allows for the simultaneous use of mmWave and sub-6GHz 5G, as well as unprecedented speeds of up to 10Gb/s and improved power efficiency.

  • Wi-Fi 6E

Wi-Fi 6E is equivalent to Wi-Fi 6, which is already supported by the last three generations of iPhone. However, it adds compatibility with the 6Hz band, which increases bandwidth, improves speeds, and reduces interference. This feature was supposed to be introduced in 2021, but it did not, suggesting that it could be one of the new features in the lineup.

Wrapping Up

Despite fears of a global recession, analysts believe Apple will make significant changes to the iPhone lineup this year, which Phone does.  So, above, we have outlined many possible new features in this Phone series.


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